About Monastery Studenica

Studenica monastery is one of the most beautiful Serbian monasteries not just due to its refined Byzantine Raska school of architecture, but also for the lovely landscape where it is located. Studenica was built by Stefan Nemanja in the period from 1183 to 1196 AD; during the same time, during the national assembly (council), Stefan abdicated in favor of his middle son Stefan and afterwards became monk Simeon.

Under custody of his son Sava, Studenica became a cultural, spiritual and medical center of medieval Serbia. Apart from other works, Sava wrote the Typikon of Studenica, an old Serbian literary work.

“I command you, therefore, by God the Lord Pantocrator, to all of you, that his holy monastery remain free from all those who rule and to remain under custody of nobody but one, the all praised Theotokos the Benefactress and through prayer of our blessed father and benefactor of this monastery and hegumenos of this monastery. “

St. Sava, the Tipikon of Studenica, chapter XII

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