Celebration of the jubilee of 30 years of episcopal service of the Bishop of Žica Justin and the visit of Metropolitan Joanikije to Studenica Monastery

On Sunday the 17th of Pentecost, when we celebrate Saint John the Theologian, the 30th
anniversary of the episcopal service of His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop of Žica Justin
was commemorated in the Church of Saint Sava in Kraljevo. The Holy Hierarchical Liturgy
was presided over by the Most Reverend Metropolitan Chrysostom, and co-served by the
Most Reverend Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Joanikije and Reverend Bishops
Justin, Jovan, Ignatije, Atanasije, Teodosije, Ilarion and the elected vicar Archimandrite
Ilarion. The abbots of Studenica, Dečani, Sopoćani, Bukovo, Zočište, Crna Reka co-served
too. Clergy and monastichood from the Eparchy of Žiča and many other Eparchies of the
Serbian Orthodox Church participated in the service, with the prayerful participation of the
faithful, as well as representatives from public, cultural and economic life throughout the
Eparchy of Žiča. The beauty of the Divine Liturgy was contributed by the singing of the
Kraljevo church choirs, the Prizren theologians and the protopsalt, Mr. Ivan Trajković.

The Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Joanikije visited the ancient Nemanjić
dynasty sanctuary Studenica Monastery in the afternoon of the same day, after returning from
Kraljevo, where he participated in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Bishop of
Žica, Justin. He was welcomed by the monastery brotherhood headed by the abbot
Archimandrite Tihon. The Metropolitan venerated the relics of the Saints of Nemanjić
dynasty: the Venerable Simeon, the Venerable Mother Anastasia and the Holy King Stefan
the First Crowned – the Venerable Simon the Monk.

Source: https://eparhija-zicka.rs/proslava-jubileja-30-godina-arhijerejske-sluzbe-episkopa-

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