Cultural heritage of Studenica Monastery at the Google Arts and Culture exhibition

Western portal of the Church of the Mother of God in Studenica, around 1190, detail of marble sculptural decoration

The online presentation of the cultural heritage of Serbia has started on the “Google Arts and Culture” platform. By clicking on “Google’s” audio-visual platform, it is possible to virtually visit seven exhibitions about sights throughout Serbia, including the Studenica Monastery.  “These seven exhibitions were selected because they were completely finished and ready to be published on “Google” according to their strict technical and technological requirements”, notes Dejan Masliković, Assistant of the Minister of Culture and Information of Serbia. He pointed out that it will greatly contribute to Serbia being recognized in the world as a country with a rich cultural heritage. As he said, “Google” is the world’s leading search engine and has an influence not only within IT technologies but also on creating a certain public opinion, with content that they offer to their users, of which there are several billion.

Baptism of Christ, detail of the damaged fresco in the nave of the Church of the Mother of God in Studenica, 1568.

These materials, available on Google, present in detail the cultural heritage in Serbia and are available not only to the general public but also to the academic community. It is believed that the cultural monuments of Serbia will be researched to a greater extent through academic works.

– “I can give the example of the Studenica Monastery, and the wall painting of the Studenica Monastery, which is one of the most beautiful and most valuable wall paintings in the world; several doctorates from abroad have already been dedicated to the topic of the painting of the Church of the Mother of God”, emphasizes Masliković. It is expected that more than 50 new exhibitions will be set up by the end of next year, which will contribute to the further online promotion of Serbia’s cultural heritage. This will affect the development of tourism, but also the cultural community in Serbia.

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